About Mughal Prash

Mughal Prash is an eatable addition which is advantageous in natural sexual enhancement. It provokes blood flow to the genital organ region. The rubbing down action of oil gains the impulses to the sexual organ for initiating sexual activity. The extremely organized sensory end organ system in the genital parts then transmits signals to the brain & erection & arousal occurs.

Using this you will feel:

  • Extra energy and power

  • Extra strength for longer erectionr

  • Retrieves all the healthy sexual functions

* Note : By using the product, results may vary person to person.

how to use Mughal Prash

How to Use

How Mughal Prash Works?

It works foremost for men who neglect to get an erection from time to time, despite feeling sexually aroused and also for those who have problems with maintaining sexual desire.

* Note : By using the product, results may vary person to person.

How to use to get better results?

The whole packet comprises of three things, one is prash, capsule, and at last oil.

  • For Prash :-   After dinner, you need to take one spoon of prash with 1 glass of lukewarm milk before going to bed.

  • For Capsules :-   In the fresh morning after breakfast, take 1 capsule with the lukewarm milk with will provide you the sufficient strength to stay focused at your work.

  • Then Oil :-   In the night, before going to bed this is the most important step to get the best results. Take the required quantity of oil and massage gently on the genital part for 3-5 minutes.


  • It is a pure natural and Ayurveda enhancement solution.
  • It has no adverse side effects.
  • Complete one solution for sexual enhancement
  • It boosts your strength and energy.
  • It works on all the factors whatever the reasons are.

* Note : By using the product, results may vary person to person.


Mughal Prash Ingredients
  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Shatavar
  3. Kaunch Beej
  4. Safed Musli
  5. Kesar
  6. Jaiphal
  7. Akarkara
  8. Tejpatta
  9. Shuddh Shilajeet
  10. Mulethi
  11. Kali Mirch
  1. Kamal Phool
  2. Munakka
  3. Uttangan
  4. Sarkara
  5. Amla
  6. Talmakhanna
  7. Agaru
  8. Varahikand
  9. Bhrami
  10. Vanga Bhasm
  11. Gokhru

Mughal Prash product will give a vibrance from the day one of using. It is a balanced product which has the virtues of a genuine ayurvedic add ons and uplifting the power of veins. A strengthless vein will result in the low flow of blood and it may cause very slow erection. This product will simply change all these issues a man faces to a positive note. Some regulations users will have to keep while using this product is at the time of using.

The product must be used only before going to the bed. We should give at least one hour time duration before going to bed after consuming Mughal Prash.

* Note : By using the product, results may vary person to person.

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